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New Overstock HAIR accessories

19.00 LBS
$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

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New CONAIR / SUNCI Hair accessories !!!

1 case $140 ($0.70 pc / 200 pcs case)


Each case is made up with variety of Conair & Sunci hair accessories which may include but not limited to:

Salon Brushes, pocket brushes, Hair turban, Rollers, Hair tweezers, Diadems, Hairbands, Ponytail wraps, miniclips, lighted mirrors, Claws, Headscarf, Slide, Bobby pins,Headwraps and much more !!!!

No precise breakdown can be made for items within case.   Though you will receive a great variety of assorted items.

Retal Value: $1.50 - $10

Great for flea markets, yard sales, discount stores, export.